quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Ready to fall in love again

I have been walking by myself,
looking for nothing in nowhere,
loving myself and no one else.

How easy it is to run away from love
and all the bad things that remain when it ends!
But life isn't too beautiful without it.

So, I married Loneliness and I tried to love her,
but our relationship started to become nasty so early,
then I decided to divorce her and take my life back.

Time heals all wounds, they said,
but I thought it wouldn't be true for me.
And now I know I am healed... It's a miracle!

Today I'm ready to fall in love again,
to find my happyness by making someone else happy.
I'm ready to give my all to someone,
ready to be two again.

I'll find love tonight,
I'll find my darling,
find you, find myself,
find us.

Chico Freitas